Internet Masonry

Using digital bricks to create strong data foundations

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What is Internet Masonry?
Today's Internet has created a number of powerful tools to help companies with their core business tasks.

The problem though, for many companies, is that they do not have the time, resources, or expertise to take advantage of all the tools available. There are too many options, too many capabilities, and most companies mostly need assistance tracking and improving the most basic business tasks.

Trying to launch a new application often takes too much time to develop and implement, and most companies' IT teams are already burdened with existing requirements.  

All too often, new applications are overloaded with features that companies cannot use and they end up paying big dollars for an application in which most of their employees end up using 20% of the functionality. And, any additional functionality may never be utilized due to additional costs or no resources to customize or develop the application. 

Internet Masonry's goal is to help companies through building applications customized for their business needs. 

Internet Masonry will invert the
80/20 rule so front line employees are using 80% of the functionality of the applications.

How will Internet Masonry accomplish this?

Internet Masonry will use the “bricks” provided by
Quick Base to build the customized solutions that each company needs.